Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden... the Middle

Shouldn't this be "the after" you ask?  Maybe.  But that would be such a silly name for a garden post in late June since really the garden is just getting started.  Of course, had it not been for Chuck & Family I might be gushing about how many snap peas we had, or how wonderful it was to have all that lettuce and spinach before it got really hot.  Unfortunately, we will not see those posts this year, though, will we, Chuck?!?!  Ahhhhhhh, bitterness. 

This morning I will look on the bright side!  After that abominable mess discussed yesterday, Bigstrongman and I went to work.  I think it actually took longer to decide what to do and shop for materials than to actually build it.  My sketches of how it should look scared him so badly, at one point he suggested that I might just not have a productive garden this year.  WOW, I can hardly explain how well that went over with me.  I'd like to be able to say that I took it like a man... well... I will admit that there *may have been* tears [read: tears of devastation].  Lucky for me, he's actually happy with how the fence turned out!

 We made the fence a bit bigger than the last to give me additional working room.  And look!  A gate!  Now I won't have to fall in or out of the fence!  (Yes, I did say it was 2 feet high... what? you don't have feet that catch on things???)
So far the lovely fence has completely baffled Chuck and we're pretty confident it'll stay that way.  In other news, now we're battling japanese beetles in our herbs.  Argh.

Healthy basil:
Japanese-beetle-attacked basil:

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