Sunday, June 26, 2011

Figuring it Out

I’m mildly addicted to blogs.  Why?  I love a good story.  Long before the age of the internet my guilty pleasure was soap operas.  Not for the quality acting or story lines, but because I’m fascinated with the story of people, beginning to end.  Not in a gossipy way, tho… I am honestly interested in the general "what happens?"  I like to get to know people by finding out what is going on inside their head.  I also love the way they let the blogger chronicle life's adventures.

Obviously I have interests other than people, so there are other things I love about blogs.  Photos of DIY projects, knitting (which I love to do, but am not very good!), ideas of how to make better homemade pickles, how to keep those damn snails from eating ALL my strawberries, and tips for organizing my closet.  The best posts come from experience… trial and error, if you will. 

I write a lot for my job.  Actually, you could say that writing is my job, punctuated by the occasional phone conversation and face-to-face meeting.  But court documents and memos to my boss don’t quite serve as the creative outlet that part of my brain needs.  

So THIS BLOG is my chance to work out the kinks in my brain.  Just like muscles, when parts aren't used they get rusty and cranky.  I really don't want any more rusty, cranky brain parts than are absolutely necessary.   I also want to chronicle MY life's adventures.  I love the part of my life where I'm a lawyer, but the other parts are just as important.  The parts of me that are wife, pet-mom, daughter, homemaker, and friend.  "Homemaker???" you ask?  Yes.  Just because I have a job outside my home doesn't mean that I don't take pride in creating a comfortable, beautiful home, so that's what those non-lawyer hours are for.

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