Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden... Before-only

Well, Bigstrongman used the camera over the weekend and ran down the battery.  I told him that I'd charge it (since you need pictures, don't you!) but I didn't... *sigh*... so I'm still posting without pics.  Sorry about that!

My garden got a very late start this year.  Not because I was busy, or because the weather didn't cooperate, or because I just didn't prioritize it... nope, none of that.  The hangup was...
Here in Pennsylvania they call 'em groundhogs.  I grew up in the midwest where we call 'em woodchucks.  Whatever you call them, they are sooooooooooooooo cute!
Ordinarily I love to watch them play in the yard.  They're goofy little buggers, especially when the babies are young.  But then they found my garden.  Then they became bad, bad woodchucks.

The woodchucks made me do THIS to my garden:

As if the little 2' chicken wire fence wasn't ugly enough.  All I had to work with was scraps, so I pieced them together and went for broke.  I bet the neighbors were thrilled!  And since those damn little chucks decided to come in on the other side once I artfully blocked off this side, I had to do THIS:

And this:
And when the camera battery is recharged, I'll post the solution!  Because THIS is nonsense, and THIS doesn't let plants grow!

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