About Me

I'm a lawyer, a wife to Bigstrongman, a gardener, a homeowner, and am always trying to get the most out of life!  "Life" for me includes home renovation, career, travel, gardening, cooking, kids (nieces and nephews, mine are only future), and anything else that comes along. 

My work is generally helping folks who don't have any money.  So I'm not one of those fancypants lawyers, but I love my work.  It took me a long time to figure out that was my career path, and now that this career business is going, I'm working on how to make the most of my non-working time.  Bigstrongman and I try to be eco-friendly at every turn, so we are always looking for creative ways to improve our home and garden, eat healthy, yada yada.  I blog about this business of life: DIY home stuff, navigating life with two working adults whose house needs TLC on a tiny budget, travel, family, books, cooking, organizing, gardening, and pretty much anything else that I'm thinking about that day.