Sunday, June 26, 2011

Confessions, Take 1

Confessions already?  It looks that way!

I have changed the blog title about 37 times.  While that IS my usual go-to number for all random exclamations, I think I may have ACTUALLY changed the title 37 times.  Blogspot keeps tracks of these things, no?  So I should be able to prove it?

Actually, I really wanted to call this blog “my morning coffee” but SURPRISE!  Someone already had that name.  Unfortunately it was started in 2005 by a 13 year old girl who posted exactly 3 times.  Doesn’t blogspot monitor this stuff?  Anyway, I first got the idea when I spotted a Mozilla add-on by the same name.  It’s fantastic.  You can set exactly one button (in the shape of a cute coffee cup, of course) to load all the sites you would ordinarily go to when you first sit down in front of your computer in the morning.  For those of you who are thinking “yeah, but can’t you just set Firefox to bring up all the tabs you want every time?”  Well, yes you can.  But I don’t actually want all those tabs every time I open it.  I just want them the first time.  If I open every news and email site every time I go on the internet I would… quite literally… never get anything done.  Never ever.

To make a short story long, Living Real, Living Well seems to be the name I'm sticking with for now.  Any other rockin' suggestions?

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