Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yard sale season!

What's the best part about summer?  Yard sales.  In nice neighborhoods.  Can't beat 'em!

The last time my mom was here she helped me clean out and organize our big attic.  Having all that space lets me reinvigorate my dream of collecting furniture as I find it.  Sounds like hoarding, I know, but really... Whenever we have gone out looking for a specific piece for a specific purpose we are inevitably disappointed.  Not the right size, not the right utility, not the right quality, something is usually not quite right.  So in defense of the charge of hoarding, at least we don't buy stuff that we aren't going to use!

We actually don't go to yard sales all that often, at least not like some folks who make it a hobby.  But when we see a few signs in our neighborhood right before the weekend we figure that we can hit a bunch in one morning and increase chances of finding the deal of a lifetime!  We may have found that deal yesterday.  (okay, it wasn't the deal of a lifetime, but it was a pretty wonderful find)

Drumroll...... brrrrtttthhhhrrrr..... our new chair:

As you may already know, Kitteh is king in this house, so when I say "our" new chair, of course I mean his highness's new chair.  It's really nice, high quality, and we got both chair and coordinating antique ottoman for less than $100.  She even threw in a set of fireplace tools.  I'm not worried about the white fabric because if we need to get it recovered it will be worth the $$, given the quality of the chair.  Yay!

Do you yard sale?  Do you have tips/strategies for stuff and hopeful-projects not taking over your home in a clutter disaster?

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