Thursday, July 7, 2011


Flowers have always been a summer project for me.  Many years have also seen veggie gardens (or makeshift gardens!), but always flowers.  Pots, boxes, spots of dirt next to yet-another-apartment-building.  Since I’ve been in my very own house, though, I have entered the magical world of perennials!

When we bought the house the front yard bushes were atrocious.  Overgrown yew bushes everywhere – blechh.  I have started prettying it up, but it has to be done in stages for both time and $$ reasons.  Bigstrong man has removed two of the ugly bushes (only one per year because it’s HARD!) and I *think* I have replaced them with pretty things.  In the corner I have a project bordered with white bricks that match our house because they were actually part of the house at one time.  The mulch is red recycled tire mulch.  They say it’s safe for gardens but I’m a little wary.  I’m sure it can’t hurt flowers, though, so I’m using these brilliantly recycled tires and I think it looks pretty good!

In the past few days the canna lilies finally started to bloom!  By “started” I mean that one out of 20 or so shoots is blooming, but at least it’s right up front and tall.  Here’s a photo progression from July 3, 5, and 7:
July 3
July 5
July 7

Our next step is getting rid of the rest of the yews and replacing them with another evergreen bush.  What evergreens are out there that aren’t the standard yew or cedar or other thing I think is boring and gross?  Ideas?

Also, I’m still learning how to use this camera Bigstrongman got me for my birthday… ummm, years ago?... how embarrassing.  So any thoughts on how pictures might look better are appreciated!


  1. What a lovely yard!!

    How do you feel about Japanese maples? I've seen them in front yards and think they're pretty nifty. Don't know a thing about growing them, though.

    The pics are quite nice. A fun way to play with your new toy might be to focus on a color and have everything else be black & white--you have nice pops of color in your garden that would really stand out.

  2. Thanks! I think Japanese maples are lovely, but I must say I would prefer native landscaping... and something that doesn't cover my window :)

    The color-focus sounds really pretty, especially for the bright red flowers here. I think I need to do that with software, though, right? I'm not sure if my camera will do it. I can look it up, though!